Return to Play

To each his own playing field, the field intended as a space of movement of our lives. The athlete’s focus can be declined to the everyday life of an individual, not necessarily for sports. The characteristics of getting back on the pitch are used to return to the so-called normalcy of movement, whether it is going out for a walk or facing long days standing lightly and naturally.

What is your playing field? Where do you play the most important games? We face limitations or impediments under different facets in order to return to normal movement with extreme attention to the body and mind sometimes our greatest opponent.
There is no magic formula there is no univocal scheme with respect to the situations that limit or prevent the normal development of your days, each case is unique and each of us faces the different conditions in a significantly different way.

We return to the field, whether it is the right time or the final one, the ZMOT is to be found in its ability to face and resolve injuries or simple road accidents that limit not only our movements but also our smiles.

The metaphor of the field and the athlete to overcome a STOP and return to the field, specialized in dealing with these episodes in the various work experiences in progress, allow us to build a very careful and in-depth analysis not only on the specific movement but also on fears or anxieties related to memories or episodes that cause incorrect or missed movement.

Equally important for us is to have an analytical capacity to trace the starting point of an impediment rather than, a common mistake, to intervene in an isolated way on the symptoms. Helping injured athletes to return to the field safely. The goal of the staff working on this project is to create a continuum between the various phases that characterize the return to the field:


In large clubs, an investment in athlete care is required; it is not an exclusive job for the top players but to put everyone in a position to become one or maintain the primacy, the work to be done is constant and careful.

Space makes the difference!

If we eliminate the white background and perhaps transform it into the green lawn that you have walked on many times, the predisposition for improvement starts from a pleasant environment and for the familiar athlete. How pleasantly do you lie down on a doctor’s bed ready to visit you with a lab coat, stethoscope and an aseptic white that scares only the sight?

Thanks to the collaboration with various sports centers, BACK TO THE FIELD! It will not take place in the Physiotherapist’s office, we plan to work in the field, on your field!

The processes that divide you from your recovery.

RETURN AND KNOWLEDGE: Physiotherapy session, Training phase in the field which includes physical part and specific sport exercises, Final Physiotherapy session

FROM HERE YOU CAN SEE THE FIELD: Ftraining phase on the field that includes physical part and specific sport exercises

PLAY AS STRONG AS YOU CAN: Return to your teammates or office colleagues to play as hard as you can, in complete safety.


if you are not determined to face yourself and improve yourself

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